Web Application – Digitized Subscription Renewal Application

About Client

The client is one of India’s notable media organizations and publishers. Their newspaper has a readership of over 20 million and they also extend their services through their flagship news portal. As one of the top names in the publishing business, they own over 40 publications. To keep up with the digital-first behaviour of their readers and staff, they opted for a web app to help subscribers renew their subscriptions online.

Business Requirement

The client wanted to simplify how customers renewed subscriptions, as it assured sales; the client valued retaining subscribers for cost benefits. A traditional approach to renewing subscriptions was tedious and prevented many customers from subscribing.

Covid-19 further pushed for a digitized renewal process that would encourage customer subscriptions. The client, therefore, wanted to make the subscription renewal process as user-friendly as possible.

Requirement Specifications: –

They wanted the subscriber to renew the subscription in 3 steps.

The interface should be user-friendly enough to attract more and retain subscribers.

They wanted to leverage automation so that the office executives could make time for more productive activities.

CCS Solution

CCS Engineers developed a web application that picks the data from the ERP and sends alerts to the subscriber via email/push notification.

Once the subscriber visits the subscription renewal page, it will have their details prefilled, and they can renew their plan in 3 simple steps.

They will have multiple payment methods giving them the freedom to opt for options they are comfortable with.

The real-time dashboard helps the client’s executives track the status of alerts to each subscriber.

Business Benefits

The web app simplifies the subscription renewal process and encourages more subscribers to restock. A digitized subscription renewal process ensures that the subscriber count does not dwindle.

The seamless integration with the ERP and process automation minimizes human intervention.

The client can extend several subscription packages to subscribers via the user-friendly web app.

The web app is scalable and can accommodate a future increase in subscribers/business.