Custom Development of Sales Performance Dashboard using Power BI

About Client

The client is a prominent industrial services provider headquartered in Germany. Their specializations include insulation, access and surface protection, passive fire protection, and interior outfitting.

Business Requirement

The client spent a lot of time and effort to generate sales reports which adversely affected their business-decision making.

The sales performance data would not integrate with their CRM, ERP, etc.

Additionally, the client had challenges in controlling their staff’s accessibility to reports based on the hierarchy set in their CRM.

They also wanted the sales performance reports to reflect currencies based on geographies.

CCS Solution

CCS Engineers integrated sales performance reports in the client’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using web API.

Imported the client’s resource hierarchy from the CRM to Power BI and applied row-level security (RLS) to the data.

Collected the currency exchange rate from the CRM and made it possible for the staff to avail geography-based currencies in their reports.

Business Benefits

The client’s staff can access the sales performance dashboard from anywhere using their Microsoft Office account without compromising security.

Significantly reduced internal operating costs as it became easier to analyze sales reports.

The highly user-friendly interface and interactive visuals appealed to their staff and were readily adopted.

Reports provided sales insights that helped managers make business decisions.

The client can share sales performance dashboards providing granular sales metrics with specific users.

RLS with Power BI helped client restrict access to sales dashboard based on hierarchy