Identify Automation Opportunities

Automate your IT landscape with RPA, DevSecOps & Automation Testing Tools. Our engineers craft approaches that meet your specific automation requirements and cater to your automation needs across three main areas: -


Automate customer, vendor and/or employee workflows for speedy deliveries


Automate processes, minimize manual intervention & related costs

Information Technology

Automate security in SDLC for improved compliance


Enhance Automation with CCS

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Development Automation with DevSecOps

Incorporate security approaches into CI/CD pipelines​

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Test Automation

Test automation is the practice of automatically reviewing and validating a software product

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Process Automation with RPA

Automate workflows, repetitive tasks & have bots take care of mundane activities

Effective Software Testing Automation Helps Increase Business Efficiency

Our Test Automation Framework – CCS Autonetics

Whether you are developing products or digital applications in either the Agile model or other models with multiple releases, regression testing becomes exceptionally critical. To accelerate test cycles, reduce manual errors, and achieve cost savings, CCS has developed an in-house regression automation framework.

By applying the page object model and several open-source tools, our framework is highly flexible, compatible and scalable. This framework allows us to test applications/products built on several technologies, platforms, and devices.


​​Automation Feasibility Analysis​​​​

Assessment of Manual Test Cases​

Selection of Automation tools​​​

Define Automation Strategy​​​

Design, Develop & Execute

​​​Framework implementation​

Develop reusable libraries​

Preparation of Test Data​​​

Creation of Test Scripts​

Test Environment creation​

Test Suite Building​

Create & Execute Test Suites

Results Reporting


Maintain Test Suites

Regression Testing


Eliminate repetitive tasks with intelligent RPA

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of AI/bots in automating business processes. CCS engineers will assist you in determining how you can employ RPA to improve process efficiencies.

Robotic Process Automation is great when you have:

​Manual dependencies completing tasks​​​​

Siloed work environments​

Unstructured data​​​

Time-consuming processes​

Legacy systems that are difficult to replace​

RPA Implementation process

​​​FIdentifying repetitive tasks/process which are potential candidates for RPA​

Feasibility Analysis on identified processes​

Benefits vs Costs study for the process​​​

Choosing the candidates for RPA​

Development and Testing​

Deploy RPA solution​

Benefits of RPA

No programming/scripting required

Automation repositories available for SAP, Zoho etc.

Automate business processes for cost-benefits

Get popular apps like SAP, Microsoft 365, AWS, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to interact easily


DevSecOps as a Service

Keep up speed without sacrificing security

DevSecOps extends the DevOps principles and integrates security into every stage of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). It drives speedy software development helping clients deliver value to their customers.

DevOps is fast being adopted by businesses and development teams for agility and quicker deployment of code, however this change may disrupt company culture and other internal business practices. You can assist your enterprise in making the shift from DevOps to DevSecOps with the correct planning, giving QA/security teams the power to impact and enhance the security of applications within existing CI/CD pipelines.


Tools Used

Source Code Management:
Continuous Integration:
Infrastructure Support:
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